About Us

My Hoobie - How this all began!

Once upon a time, there was a mom of three named Catherine. Catherine had three children, and when they were babies, they all had their favorite blankets that they would carry everywhere with them. One day, the children began to call their blankets "Hoobies." Catherine thought it was such a cute and endearing term that she began to refer to the blankets as Hoobies as well.

As the children grew older, Catherine noticed that they were becoming attached to other items, but nothing seemed to compare to their beloved Hoobies. As her children's friends began to have babies of their own, Catherine had the idea to create personalized baby blankets that could become a new generation's beloved Hoobie.

With her creative talents and love for making unique keepsakes, Catherine started making personalized baby blankets and called her business "My Hoobie." She began to create blankets with the baby's name, birthdate, and other details that made each blanket unique and special.

Catherine's personalized baby blankets quickly became a hit among her friends and family, and soon she was receiving requests from others outside of her inner circle. She decided to turn her hobby into a business and opened an online store where anyone could purchase a customized My Hoobie blanket.

Catherine's love for making the perfect, unique keepsake for every occasion shines through in her work. She puts care and attention into each blanket she creates, knowing that it will become a treasured item for the child and their family.

Years later, Catherine's children have grown up, but the memory of their beloved Hoobies lives on in the form of My Hoobie personalized baby blankets, a business born out of love and affection for her own children and their cherished blankets.